Black Hearts White Bones by William Charles Furney


The Next Chapter

If it is true that only those women who behave badly make history, can two women loving badly re-write it?
Peg Brennan hasn’t held a sword since the day she was captured at sea and imprisoned ten years earlier. But as her fingers slide around the hilt of the rapier laying in the dirt beside her, she knows that the quiet life she has created for her bastard son in Bath is about to change for the worse—and she cannot stop herself.
Sailing toward the port town in the Carolina colony is Mary Read—the woman Peg left behind to die in Jamaica nine years earlier. Her life has been as hard as Peg’s has been mundane, providing bitter sauce for the cold revenge she intends to serve her former love. But fate seldom adheres to the plans of men, and even less so for women who have tasted forbidden love.

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