Sleight of Hand 2: Escape Magic by Michelle Garren Flye


The Next Chapter

For every lock there is a key…
Escape magician Lady Lydia can pick any lock, untie any knot, free herself from any trunk of doom. She’s spent years perfecting her brand of escapology, and she’s poised for success with a Las Vegas show and growing popularity. Tony Hawkins has spent the past three years overcoming his addictions to drug and alcohol. Now he’s back where it all started. Tony’s stronger than he’s ever been, more in control than he ever thought he could be. But the moment he sees Lydia again, he fears he could lose himself in yet another addiction. Surrounded by magic, magicians and a glamorous Vegas wedding, Escape Magic is a story about forgetting your fear and finding your faith…even if it means taking a leap you never counted on.

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